laundry duct cleaning

Maintaining clean air duct ventilation and dry duct (HVAC)
systems is an important part of sustaining an acceptable indoor
air quality. Duct Cleaning UK can perform professional air duct
system cleaning and
LEV testing services to reduce or eliminate
contaminant introduction within the system.

We utilise ground breaking techniques to perform air duct vent
cleaning above and beyond the limits required to ensure your
building is free from harmful airborne pollutants linked to viruses
such as 'Sick Buildings Syndrome' and 'Legionnaires disease'.

Using a variety of cleaning methods including, air hose, long
reach brushes and robotic cleaners; Duct Cleaning UK can fully
clean and sanitise any ventilation, air and dry ducting system
regardless of location, accessibility and size.
All ducting, louvres and  grills are fully cleaned and sanitised
before the AHU (air handling unit) undergoes a full clean.


The 'Air handling unit' is the operation centre of all motorised
dry duct and air ventilation systems, therefore they require
regular cleaning to eliminate airborne pollutants. Regular
cleaning of the AHU helps the system run at its most efficient
rate, a dirty AHU is wasting energy and ultimately costing the
client money.

The presence of lint, clothing fibres and dust within a laundry
duct poses the potential risk of fire breaking out within the
ventilation system.
Duct Cleaning UK has undertaken the cleaning of laundry
ducting within hospitals, hotels, launderette's and prisons. Our
highly trained staff can draw upon years of experience to
overcome issues such as a lack of access to the ventilation
system, operating in cramped and difficult working conditions or
operating around the clients current work schedule. We provide
before and after images, reports and insurance industry
approved certification for all laundry duct cleaning undertaken.
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